Man with chest painEmergency situations could be terrifying. When you see someone suffer from sudden chest pains, dizziness, or bleeding, you tend to panic and be confused. If this happens, it is important to stay calm and do the necessary steps to save the person’s life. Immediately call a land or air ambulance service like Skymed Aeromedical to respond to the situation readily.

Here are 4 things you should do in case of an emergency:


Fainting could be a cause of several conditions – high blood sugar, diabetes, pregnancy, and it is important that you call 000 immediately. While waiting, check if the patient is responsive. Check the pulse and breathing. If unresponsive, perform CPR. Make sure that you stay with the patient until the ambulance arrives.

Chest Pain

When someone complains of pain on the chest, consider it as a heart attack. Immediately call the emergency hotline and check the pulse and breathing. Apply CPR if necessary. Make sure that when doing CPR the chin is up and the mouth open for the air to come in before doing chest compressions.


When someone accidentally chokes, pay attention. When they are coughing, there is no need to panic for they are breathing. However, once they stop making noise and their face is turning red, immediately do the Heimlich manoeuvre. Do not hit the person on the back as the food may go into the windpipe, which will make things worse.


Depending on the area of the bleeding, it is important to call the emergency number or bring them to the hospital immediately. If it’s a cut on a leg or a body part, do not attempt to do a tourniquet. Instead, put pressure to help stop the bleeding until the aid arrives.

The key in an emergency situation is to remain calm and focused. Panicking will not solve anything and may bring more harm than good.

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