Modern living room timber floors

Wood can thrive in any interior design theme, be it a traditional or a modern contemporary one. In fact, if you visit any house in your neighborhood or even your relatives, you will find that there is at least one wood element in their living area, bedroom, or kitchen. It is versatile enough to work with any element at any part of the house.

There are wood elements that are usually elevated to incorporate another element to balance off the rustic appeal, and it is becoming popular nowadays. If you are thinking of using timber as the main material for your home, for instance, here are some ways to bring out its charm even more:

Combine timber with marble

Marble is one of the most popular design elements that provide a contemporary yet elegant vibe to any space. Whether it is used in the bathroom, the kitchen, or even as accents in the living area, it brings a sense of elegance that can, at times, be intimidating. Due to that factor, it is good to balance marble with wood, as reported.

Wood helps bring warmth and a summer casualness to the indoors, which softens the cold harshness that marble can imbibe. One technique that can be used is to have timber wall finishes in entire sections of your space, which can then be broken by large marble wall decor as an accent.

Combine timber walls with metal furniture

Going minimalist has been the poster look of modern interior designs, and a lot of households have followed the trend over the years. While the Scandinavian style is not the only highlight for modern spaces, there is a lot to be said for using timber wall panels in interiors matched with metal furniture.

Metallic accents, whether they be main centrepieces or a simple wall decor, can add a cool chic look to an otherwise warm and rustic set up. Many interior designers suggest complementing the timber panels with metal coated installations, furniture made of metallic material, or even accents in a metallic finish to have a great effect on any part of your space.

Combine timber and fabric finish for the bedroom

Modern bedroom timber walls

Timber can also be used to beautify the bedroom in a simple yet elegant manner. An article shared by Home Edit stated that a good way to use timber would be to create a headboard that you could double as wall decor.

By cutting out patterned timber wall panels in the interior right behind the bed and wrapping it in the desired fabric, you can create an illusion — you could make a headboard that stretches from floor to ceiling. Such patterns can also accentuate the master bedroom without needing the entire room to follow this intricate design.

These are just some of the ways that you can use timber (and other types of wood for that matter) with modern interiors. Using these elements, you can elevate the home through countless designs and create a stunning look for your modern abode.

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