varicose veins from legs while trekkingBased on figures from the American Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS), between 20 and 25 million Americans have varicose veins in their legs. In fact, it is one of the most common venous diseases in the legs. While there are many treatments now available, sclerotherapy is one of the most popular treatments preferred by many clients.

Here are some of the ways on how to prepare for it. Keep these tips in mind if you’re getting a varicose veins treatment in Miami:

1. Do not apply lotion on your legs

Doctors advise that patients refrain from putting on lotion on the legs 24 hours prior to the treatment. It is also advisable not to shave the hair off on the legs within the 24-hour window.

2. Watch your medications

It is important not to take any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication or Vitamin E before the treatment. If you are on medication, it is important to tell your doctor about during the consultation so they can advise you which medicines to take or not, as it can affect the success of the treatment.

3. Buy compression stockings

It’s important to wear loose-fitting clothes when you go to your treatment. After the procedure, the team will help you slip into a pair of compression stockings so make sure that you have this with you and that it’s the right size. If you’re not sure what size to get, you can ask your doctor.

When you prepare for a varicose veins treatment, it’s also important to prepare for the recovery part. There are some restrictions on the activities you can do and the food you can eat, so you better ask your doctor for the precautions in order to prepare for them.

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