Man and woman buying a property in Rockport, TexasAs everyone’s holiday high starts to simmer down, many have begun to get their affairs in order the past few days. These affairs may include the acquisition of a new home. If you’re going to start the year, better start it right after all.

One of the real estate markets some people may be looking at are homes for sale in Rockport, Texas. In case, you’re shopping around for properties, here are some of the types of real estate assets that are available here.

Vacant lots

Dominating many of the listings on popular real estate listings sites for Rockport. Some of these are either flanked by houses in neighborhoods, or located near the sea, or nestled along hilly forest areas.

Prices depend on the size and location of the land, with the lowest starting at $31,900 and the highest at $700,000.


The next popular property types for sale in Rockport are bungalows. You can find these bungalows in existing neighborhoods, often clustered together with other ones. Mostly made of wood, these bungalows feature a porch or foyer out front.

Bungalows in Rockport are extremely affordable, and some can set buyers back at as little as $140,000.

Two-Storey houses

You can find dwellings in Rockport mostly in the middle to upper-class neighborhoods. They are made either of bricks or wood, with a wide front lawn and a really nice curb appeal. Prices of these stately homes range between $400,000 to a whopping $1 million.

These are just some of the properties in Rockport, Texas that you are likely to see on property listings. There are more, of course, and it is best to get in touch with a local agent here to look at their portfolio of houses for sale.