Carpets are usually associated with luxury and being rich, but that’s only if they’re clean and smelling fresh. Otherwise, they’ll be just glorified floor dust traps that cannot only leave you feeling that the place is filthy but also sick. The process of cleaning one is more than simply sweeping, mopping, wiping, and washing. It can take a lot of effort, time, care, and certain equipment and materials. However, if you cannot afford all these just yet or you really just want to clean your carpet on your own, here are some homemade recipes that you can try out:

Powdered Cleanser

If you simply need general cleaning and you have a vacuum handy, you can give this a go. All you have to do is mix one cup of baking soda or bicarbonate of soda with about 20 drops of essential oils for added scent and then sift. You can then sprinkle the sifted mixture onto the carpeted area, leave it for around 30 minutes, and then go over it with a vacuum. If you don’t need the scent, you can just use the baking soda as is. Of course, your carpet fitters in Bristol would recommend certain cleaners for the best care of their product, so it can be a good idea to get those once you have the means.

Spot Remover

A common stain that you can find on a carpet is a colored liquid spill. It can be anything, ranging from coffee, ink, to even blood. Fortunately, this particular cleaner can do the trick of removing it, especially when you make and apply it as soon as the stain is made. For this solution, mix together some thick dishwashing liquid and two parts of hydrogen peroxide. Apply it to the stain in small amounts. Take care not to put in too much and too often as the mixture can cause the lining of the carpet to harden, making it uncomfortable to use.

Baby Wipes

Cleaning the couch

Who knew that these small cleaning materials can be used for much more than just babies’ bottoms? Small stains such as crayon marks, watercolor paint, and pet droppings can be easily removed using these special tissues. They might not be effective on the major stains, but at least you can buy and keep them handy for future use. Using them also has the benefit of being able to clean with a wet cloth while preventing too much moisture from getting on the carpet. They’re also helpful in disinfecting the spots that you’ve just cleaned. Of course, they’re always useful for keeping your hands germ-free when they’re not needed for the carpet.

These DIY solutions can be useful for most situations, especially if you’re going to have difficulty with your budget by purchasing commercial cleaning materials. Keep in mind that there will be carpet stains that can’t be removed using these means. Examples of these are mildew, mold, and water damage. In this case, and if you lack the time to do the cleaning yourself, it’s best that you hire professional carpet cleaners instead.

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