Woman ready for her breast liftMore and more people are getting breast lift surgeries in the U.S. If you are getting breast lifts here in Salt Lake City, remember these tips to help you recover better and faster.

You need to follow and take the proper medications

After a breast lift surgery, your surgeon will give you oral medication for pain management, which you need to take for only two or three days. Some patients take antibiotics, what is important is that you take the proper medication prescribed only by your doctor.

Do not attempt to take vitamin E, fish oil, aspirin, or any topical and oral medication not given the signal by your doctor as it could cause blood thinning or even bleeding.

Take care of the surgical incisions

Every day, you have to check your surgical incisions for any signs of infection before it can get worse. Doctors ask some patients who have steri-strips for their surgical incisions to keep them dry, so make sure you are careful when you’re showering, which is often allowed after the surgery.

What is important is that you do not soak or submerge your incisions. For at least two weeks, they ask patients to avoid going to the spa, pools, or bathtubs where the incisions could get soaked or submerged.

Learn how to sleep the right way post-surgery

To limit the chance of swelling, doctors advise patients to sleep on their back for the next few weeks following the operation. Propping some pillows on your back can help you sleep in a reclined position -about 30 degrees.

Some people invest in specialized pillows or beds to help limit the swelling, but you can always use what you have at home. What is important is that you do not sleep on your stomach to prevent squishing your breasts.

Breast lifts are cosmetic investments so make sure you follow post-operative care rules. This can help you avoid any necessary infections and complications that could lead to bigger expenses.

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