PR on top of a newspaperIt takes years to build a good company image and reputation, but merely seconds to destroy them.

Many companies, aware that a good reputation can keep customers coming through, invest in their reputation and go as far as working with a reputable PR company. Other brands, meanwhile, put publicity in the back-seat and sometimes even neglects certain practices that can enhance their company’s public image.

Here are some ways you’re subconsciously destroying your brand’s reputation:

Not engaging with your followers

The point of social media is to, well, socialise. If you’re not doing that, it defeats the purpose of creating social media accounts.

Having social media accounts for your company/brand does not simply mean posting random updates and promotions. It’s about informing your audience about the latest events, news and promotions about your brand in a way that will spark an online conversation among them. It doesn’t matter if you post regularly. If you don’t engage with your followers, you’re doing it all wrong.

Not monitoring the conversations

Engaging with your followers online means generating a conversation. But the work doesn’t stop there.

You need to know what your followers are saying about you, even if it’s not on your actual social media accounts. There are many online platforms you can use to monitor the mentions, tags, hash-tags and re-tweets. The key is to keep listening and monitoring so you can prevent any potential public relations disaster.

Not Setting up the PR events

When you invite people to a public relations event for your brand, the worst thing you can do is come unprepared. Media people expect nothing less than an organised even, so you need to put in all the work necessary to ensure a smooth-flowing event. You can’t always control everything, but to make sure your event will go off without a hitch, plan it to the littlest detail.

Remember that a single post on social media can ruin your brand and company. So make sure to hire a reputable PR company to help you create, improve and maintain a good public image.

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