a man skateboardingSkateboarding can be a fun and creative sport, but it is not without its dangers. Most skateboarders know enough to lower their risk of getting hurt. They wear helmets, knee and elbow pads, and even gloves. These prevent the usual scrapes, bruises, fractures, dislocations, and head trauma that can occur when doing anything from basic moves to advanced tricks.

However, most skateboarders tend to overlook other potential hazards that can hurt them. So if you are a skateboarder in West Jordan, oral surgeons, stitches, and oversized ankles might be in your future – unless you read this list of other skateboarding injuries and how to prevent them.

A hole in one skateboarder

Skateboarders often wear gloves and sometimes jeans or shin guards to protect themselves from the usual abrasions and minor wounds from falling on the ground. However, they rarely think about the possibility of puncturing their limbs or even their core when they slip and fall on sharp objects in their vicinity.

Wooden furniture, metallic gates, and nearby glassy materials can all punch a hole in a falling person’s leg or arm. This can lead to something as simple as stitches in the emergency room or something more severe like surgery. To lower the chances of this type of accident, make sure to skate in an area without obstructions or pointy edges. In fact, sticking to skateparks is best.

Keep that straight smile

A helmet is a skateboarder’s number one gear. Preventing head trauma is a given. Other parts of the face need to be kept safe but are sadly neglected in the sport. More than a few skaters have lost teeth because unfortunate slips that forced them to land mouth first on the ground.

Keeping those teeth is easy enough if one uses a mouthguard when doing mid-air tricks. Although a mouthguard can be uncomfortable, it is a good preventive measure to save that pretty smile. There are several affordable ones out there. If an accident does happen, dentists can help you with any crack or chip, and even tooth replacement.

Avoid temporary cankles

Skateboarders often protect their elbows and knees but fail to account for theheavy beating their ankles get from all the jumps and forceful landings, not to mention the slightly off-balance landings that lead to sprains and strains.

Ankle supports help minimize the damage inflicted by the sport. They help stabilize the ankle and mitigate the effects of any minor injury. They can help skateboarders avoid fat cankles and thankfully don’t make you look uncool like a mouthguard would.

If you love the sport, by all means, roll out to the park nearest you. Just remember to check your surroundings and use the protective gear mentioned here.

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