Recruiter in a job fairWhile the rest of the U.S. is worried about high unemployment rates and a population boom, Utah is opening as many as 50,000 new jobs and welcoming recent graduates into the workforce. Yes, there is also an expected population increase in the state, but being a magnet for new businesses and investors means it also attracts more people who will add to its workforce.

If you’re planning to make it big in Utah, start by being in the right industry. These are what’s booming in the state right now:

Skin Care

A big portion of the population in Utah is willing to spend money to look good. Skin Science Institute says that it’s a wise move to invest in skincare specialist classes, especially if you’re from Orem, a place where people are particular about their appearance. Armed with the right knowledge and the best tools the industry has to offer, you can be successful in this industry pretty fast.


Skincare is not the only way for Utahns to look good. They also pay attention to their clothes, and this has caused a boom in the retail industry. Take a look at the brands that are popular in Utah and carry them in a specialty shop that offers great customer service and you’re good to go. If not, you can also take lessons in dressmaking and create your own designs to open more opportunities for expansion later on.


Simplus, a technology company in Salt Lake City, is partnering with the University of Utah to offer internships. This step shows how much they value the presence of young members of the workforce, and they want to equip graduates with an opportunity to be part of a successful company early on. With the right skills and aptitude for technology, you can benefit from this lucrative career.

Work does not need to make you suffer. If you work in a successful industry, you’ll get rewards for all your effort sooner.

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