Macbook displaying search results for googleIf you’re looking for a simple IT enterprise that is a cash machine, you can set up a computer franchise business. To be more specific, sell pre-owned Apple products from Macs to iPhones.

To give you an incentive to consider this thought, here are the best reasons why refurbished units have a significant clientele:

People love and use the product

Granted, over the last few years, Apple has become a status symbol. If you own the latest iPhone model, for example, you’re a trendy person. Experts, though, have a different take: their loyal followers love the products and the brand.

Most of the Apple products are revolutionary because they are highly functional. Think of iPhones that changed the way people use mobile devices. The touchscreen is partly the reason for the demise of Blackberry. The iPod made listening to music easier and more fun.

Apple products tend to hold a higher resale value than competitors

One of the reasons why the refurbished market thrives is the high resale value of these Apple products. In a survey of forty different phone and tablet models, the iPhones and iPads beat the competition. The phones, in particular, can retain as much as $128 of their value. The tablet may have a resale value that’s $67 more than the others.

It is advantageous for many parties. One, as a seller, it means you can give a premium price even for the pre-owned units. For the previous owners, they can still get a good value from their investments. For the buyers, they know that an Apple product spells quality.

Buyers can still save money

Apple products are expensive. iPhone X costs almost $2,000 in Australia. Although these items can hold significant resale value, they are still cheaper than the new ones. The savings will allow the new owners to invest in other Apple products and accessories.

Apple may be facing some fierce competition against Android, but one thing is for sure: it will remain to be the poster child of tech. It will continue to churn out new innovative devices. The demand will remain.

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