Outdoor Wedding Whether you’re looking to do something unique to have a meaningful wedding that your guests will remember or not, there lovely outdoor venues offer the ideal backdrop to host your big day. From heritage centers to conservatories to museums, getting hitched in Minneapolis just got more exciting.

Apresparty.com​ and wedding event organizers say that whether you’re planning to hire tents or literally leave the event open, you can enjoy the following spots:

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Picture yourself saying your vows amidst a gorgeous garden, and swaying with the guests at the reception in the backdrop of the thriving zoo park. Combine this natural beauty with the sophisticated charm of the Majorie McNeely Conservatory and the awe-inspiring ambiance of the visitor center, you’ve got a heady wedding venue cocktail that’s difficult to resist. The indoor and outdoor gardens offer plenty of photo ops for your grand day.

Earle Brown Heritage Centre

Hosting your wedding on the lawns of the Earle Brown Heritage Centre will be nothing short of a spectacular experience. Their restored premises feature everything, from elegant ballrooms to courtyards with attractive-looking fountains. Whether you choose their lawns or brightly-lit halls, you’ll be in for a visual treat.

Mill City Museum

Mill City Museum is a great place to tie the knot if you are looking for a more historically relevant city backdrop. The beautiful old worldly architectural design incorporates traces of the mill’s eventful past with its modern industrial persona. There’s a stunning courtyard, striking riverfront view and covered outdoor space, along with other indoor wedding venue choices.

Dump overpriced wedding venues to make your Minneapolis wedding celebrations more unique and meaningful. From the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory to the Earle Brown Heritage Centre or the iconic Mill City Museum, the city offers several awe-inspiring outdoor wedding venues.

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