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older woman with grey hair

Graying Hair: Prevent and Keep it Healthy

Gray hair is beautiful, but it’s also a sign of aging that some people find hard to accept. You can use a root concealer spray if you’re one of them. But, first things first, why do people get gray hair earlier while some much later? Below, let’s find out what are the reasons for gray hair and

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Man checking his balding head

Scalp Micropigmentation for Effective Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is among the leading causes of stress among both men and women.  Hair loss comes about due to different reasons such as baldness genes, poor hair care routine, aging, among other reasons. Individuals suffering from hair loss opt to look for treatment solutions to address the issue. Scalp micropigmentation is an effective treatment

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Commercial Space

Multipurpose Additions to Your Commercial Space

Multipurpose or multi-functional spaces are usually commercial spaces that can be used in a variety of ways. They can serve various functions, depending on the need of the hour. They make much better use of space than traditional architecture. They are more efficient because they are dual-use. They can contribute to better city planning and

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