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Frizzy Hair Fixes: Ways to Tame Your Tresses

Frizz and fly-away can easily cause a bad hair day. And, it can get worse with a bit of rain, humidity or even sweat. Fortunately, there are ways to tame unruly hair strands and restore smoothness and shine to your crowning glory. How, you ask? Before we get to the solutions for controlling frizzy hair,

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Silver aboveground tanks

What Are The Problems That Aboveground Tanks Run Into?

Aboveground tanks can be quite handy for a number of reasons but can be troublesome as well. There are some inherent risks of using an aboveground tank, which thankfully, can be avoided with regular maintenance and inspection. To this end, it’s important to always have contact with a trusted company that can reliably perform tank

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Employees smiling

Protecting Your Attrition Rate through Employee Happiness: Why Is It So Important?

The overall happiness and satisfaction of your employees contribute to their level of productivity and enthusiasm. They can begin to care more about your company and their daily performance if they’re engaged enough. You could experience increased profits as a direct result. Retention It’s time-consuming and expensive to constantly have to replace employees by hiring

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