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Emergency Staff at Work

When calamities and disasters strike, all roads will lead to hospitals. People suffering from injuries need immediate treatment with the utmost of care. The competence of the ER staff now comes into focus. How do you determine competency?
During times of extreme emergencies, the proper management of emergency rooms becomes crucial. Here are some of the proficients expected from the ER staff.

Accurate determination of injuries

Members of the ER staff should be able to identify the type of injuries of patients. They will know whether such an injury needs immediate medical care, or if it can wait to give way for those suffering from ones that are more serious.

They should also be skilled in applying first aid while waiting for a doctor to see the patient. This crucial time may very well spell life and death.

Quick-thinking and quick response time

One of the things expected from the ER staff is their ability to respond quickly to emergencies, especially in cases where lives are at stake. Acting decisively as required by the circumstances is very essential.

Stability under pressure

A full ER room puts pressure on everyone. The ER staff should learn to manage pressure while delivering emergency medical services. They should be able to administer calmly the right treatment especially to patients suffering from serious injury, one example of which is a skull fracture.

Proper training

When confronted with certain emergencies, a properly trained ER staff instinctively reacts to the situation as they learned from training. There are service providers who give proper training to emergency room workers to equip them with the right skills needed for every circumstance.

Each individual in the emergency room has a role to play. Every member of the staff must be able to meet the needs of the patients without compromising the quality of service.

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