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A couple getting married on a Singaporean beach When you’re looking for Malay wedding services in Singapore, one of the first things you think of is the food. The food you will serve during the wedding reception can make or break your entire event that takes almost a year to plan. Take your time to find the right caterer that provides excellent Halal foods for your guests to enjoy.

Like the Halal foods your wedding caterer will serve during the special event, a Malay wedding is rich in customs and traditions that people follow to the letter even today. Here are some of the Malay wedding customs and rituals that you may or may not know.

Adat Merisik

This crucial Malay wedding ritual is called the ‘Seeking Ceremony‘ in English. It’s not about a man or a woman seeking each other to love and to cherish. Instead, it’s about the man’s family performing a background check on the woman he intends to marry. This all-important ritual is more crucial among families who still practice arranged marriages.

Adat Bertunang

In the Malay culture, this symbolic ritual represents that a man and a woman has been brought together. This is when the man makes known his intentions to marry the woman. This is also when the families of both man and woman meet together to talk about the plans for the upcoming wedding. But unlike in Western cultures where engagements are often decided by the couples alone, here the engagement date is set by the families of the couples.

Mandi Bunga

This ritual is known as the ‘Flower Bath’, which is usually done before the solemnisation ritual. In the ritual, the petals of seven different flowers are mixed in either water, lime juice or scented oils. The most popular types of flowers used are Melur, Mawar, Sundal Malam, Kenanga, Cempaka, Tanjung and Kesidang. The Malays believe that the ritual diffuses any bad luck. The process is also believed to help ward off any bad spirits. Today, normal flower baths can be done to give the bride a flowery scent before the wedding ceremony.

When preparing for a Malay wedding in Singapore, it is important to decide carefully on the wedding vendors to help make your event truly special. Remember, a Malay wedding is a detail-oriented event, so make sure that the vendors you’re getting are well rehearsed in the many intricacies of this type of event.

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