Home Health The Concerning Facts About Drug Addiction in Salt Lake City

An unconscious woman holding on to an array of drugs in her handThere’s no denying it: Salt Lake City, even in all its beauty and glory, has its share of serious problems, with drug addiction topping the list. And to make matters worse, there are quite some options when it comes to these poisons.

From alcohol to heroin, anabolic steroids to dissociative drugs, methamphetamine to hallucinogens, and cocaine to MDMA, the city’s streets make these chemicals easily accessible and available.

Killing more people than road accidents and gun violence

Every year, drug overdose takes the lives of hundreds of Utahns. And even when it’s considered a form of accidental death, it has resulted in more deaths than fatal road accidents and gun violence. In fact, the number has soared to a level that made the state rank fifth in for overdose fatalities. And many of these unfortunate incidents took place in none other than the capital.

In short, it’s an epidemic that needs resolution and treatment right away. This is the major role that addiction recovery facilities in Salt Lake City have taken on. In today’s time wherein intervention can save lives and prevent these “accidental deaths,” everyone should know that they can seek the help and guidance of such facilities.

Pill addiction deaths: Outnumbering those caused by both heroin and cocaine

Within the last 10 years, the number of prescription drug overdose cases exponentially increased, with fatalities having increased by 400%. It has gone up so high that it even outnumbers the combined cases of heroin and cocaine deaths.

To make matters worse, only one out of ten people suffering from substance abuse disorder receives the necessary treatment. It’s crucial for you to understand that there are individuals who can help and save your life or a loved one from the grasp of addiction. And with the kind of life-threatening dangers that drug use brings, it’s important to act as soon as possible.

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