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A collection of scrap metals It is exceedingly rare to find a home that does not have scrap metal. The pipe that runs from the main water supply to your faucet is more likely copper. Your home’s foundation uses steel, as well as your cutlery. Disposing of these metals can be problematic since they do not degrade the same way as other things.

Metal Salvage Services Ltd suggests you sell them to a scrapping firm that recycles and sees the importance of saving the environment. Here is a brief guide on how salvaging scrap metal works in Auckland.

What classifies as scrap metal?

Scrap metal comes in different forms. These include old ones and by-products of manufacturing processes, damaged metal goods, and metallic items that are no longer in mint condition. It does not cover items made of copper.

Strict rules in recycling

Since New Zealand is one of the countries with strict rules or guidelines in preserving the environment and recycling of wastes, the Auckland Council owns recycling centres run by different groups within the community. Household items you can leave in these facilities are timber, furniture, and bicycles.

You can also bring lawnmowers and appliances to these centres. Note, though, not all the facilities can accept these types of wastes. When it comes to metals, you can contact a local scrap metal recycling centre, which can also collect the goods straight from your home.

A council for scrap metal recycling businesses

Scrap metal is an enormous, thriving industry in New Zealand, which is one of the highest export earners in the world. To make sure it remains competitive, the country has an active association, which polices its members and creates standards in doing business.

Thus, when choosing your scrap metal facility, pick one that is a member. Currently, the Scrap Metal Recycling Association of New Zealand works closely with the police to report stolen metal items, which can range from manholes to copper wires.

A resource, not a waste

For those who are in the scrap metal business, scrap metal items are not wastes but resources. Materials such as aluminium and steel, which are two of the common types of metals used in various industries in the country, can be recycled indefinitely since they do not lose their original quality.

Do you have scrap metal at home? Do not throw them directly into the bin where they only accumulate in the landfills. Instead, reach out to recycling facilities.

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