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A physician shaking hands with someone off-camera By 2025, the United States will be 94,000 physicians short, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. What this means for healthcare facilities across the country is the overwhelming demand and underwhelming supply of physicians will make recruitment even more difficult.

As today’s physicians ditch the solo practice model of old for the perceived stability and security of working for established facilities, hospitals and healthcare systems compete to fill their ranks with these highly skilled medical professionals.

More than ever, as salaries and benefits rise, Emergency Staffing Solutions says that it is even more important that you hire the right candidate who matches the values of your organization.

1. Widen your talent pool.

The best physicians do not put out their resumes online. To get in touch with them, get the help of physician staffing services who specialize in the recruitment of skilled medical workers. They can find top-notch candidates for your organization.

2. Identify your ideal candidate.

Knowing your ideal candidate’s attributes helps you narrow down your choices. You should look beyond the candidate’s professional qualifications; chances are every candidate will have an impressive resume. Their personal characteristics and values matter more and whether they are a good match for your organization.

3. Provide meaning.

Millions of baby boomers are about to be replaced by millions of millennials, and they are changing the recruiting process big-time. You can’t attract them with a high salary; these mission-driven physicians need a compelling altruistic reason to work for you.

4. Pay attention to their concerns.

Today’s physicians are no longer as obsessed about “paying their dues” by working 80 hours a week and being on call most weekends. They prefer achieving a work-life balance that allows them to work during flexible but predictable hours so that they can spend time with their families and other interests outside the health system.

Hiring physicians for your medical practice can be one of the most difficult things you will have to do. However, if you are aware of who you want for the position and get the right hiring services, you can find the best physicians.

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