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It takes years to build a good company image and reputation, but merely seconds to destroy them. Many companies, aware that a good reputation can keep customers coming through, invest in their reputation and go as far as working with a reputable PR company. Other brands, meanwhile, put publicity in the back-seat and sometimes even neglects certain practices that can enhance their company’s public image. Here are some ways you're subconsciously destroying your brand's reputation: Not engaging with your followers The point of social media is to, well, socialise. If you’re not doing that, it defeats the purpose of creating social media accounts. Having social media accounts for your company/brand does not simply mean posting random updates and promotions. It’s about informing your audience about the latest events, news and promotions about your brand in a way that will spark an online conversation among them. It doesn’t matter if you post regularly. If you don’t engage with your followers, you’re doing it all wrong. Not monitoring the conversations Engaging with your followers online means generating a conversation. But the work doesn’t stop there. You need to know what your followers are saying about you, even if it’s not on your actual social media accounts. There are many online platforms you can use to monitor the mentions, tags, hash-tags and re-tweets. The key is to keep listening and monitoring so you can prevent any potential public relations disaster. Not Setting up the PR events When you invite people to a public relations event for your brand, the worst thing you can do is come unprepared. Media people expect nothing less than an organised even, so you need to put in all the work necessary to ensure a smooth-flowing event. You can’t always control everything, but to make sure your event will go off without a hitch, plan it to the littlest detail. Remember that a single post on social media can ruin your brand and company. So make sure to hire a reputable PR company to help you create, improve and maintain a good public image.
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Although you could choose one from the several types of mortgage to finance your home, the two most common types that homebuyers go with include the adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) and the fixed rate mortgage. Based on several key factors, one could make more sense than the other for you. Fixed Rate vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgage With a fixed rate home loan, your monthly home loan payments would remain the same over the loan term. With an ARM, your payments might be fixed for the initial years and then become adjusted according to market interest rates’ fluctuations and limits of your loan product. When deciding between these two home loan types, among the most critical factors to consider is how long you intend to stay in your new house. An ARM might be more beneficial if you want to live in your house for a couple of years and the move again since your interest rate during that time would be significantly less than if you’d chosen a fixed rate loan. If you’re leaning towards an ARM, however, you might want to think about the worst case situation such as having ample savings and/or income you could turn to when your interest rates rise. This means that if you have sure plans to buy and then sell your house within seven years, primaryresidentialmortgage.com says that a fixed rate loan might be the wiser choice. Lastly, think hard about the amount of “risk” you could comfortably afford. You might easily afford the fixed rates on an ARM for the first few years. However, if the monthly max possible repayment amount (as determined by caps on how much it could change) is too high for you, then it’s better to go with a fixed rate home loan. Which Mortgage is Best for You? To sum up, answer the following questions as truthfully as you can: How much monthly repayment could you comfortably afford today? Are you planning on living in your new house for a long time or not? Would you have enough money to repay your monthly payments when the interest rate on your ARM rises? In what direction is the current interest rates heading and is it expected to continue? Put simply, an adjustable rate mortgage might be the most sensible option if you currently need lower payments and don’t really want to live in your house long enough to feel the inevitable rise of interest rates. Otherwise, if the interest rates are rising steadily and you need a more predictable monthly mortgage payment, then the wiser option is a fixed rate home loan.

Have you ever wondered how much work transpired before fresh produce reaches your local grocery or market from the farms? There is always a big chance there was intensive labour involved. All thanks to the diligent farmers who work hard to provide consumers with nothing but the best produce. Take for example the following labour-intensive crops: Sweet Cherries There is a reason the cherries that you see in the produce section or on top of your favourite dessert are always perfect. Farmers hand-pick these red, little fruits! They carefully pick them one by one from the branches because they are delicate and each fruit do not ripen at the same time. Companies offering cherry picker hire here in Staffordshire can attest to the high demand for specialised types of machinery to match such a delicate job. Apples Have you ever fancied picking your own plump and red apples straight from the tree? Sounds leisurely, right? Apple farmers have a different story. Turns out, picking apples is more challenging than you imagine. You have to manually choose the best ones, carefully place them in buckets, and transfer them to crates and bins. And oh, you have to do it all day long! Chocolate (Cacao) While cacao farmers do not necessarily work at a height, there is still serious work involved. The cacao beans originate inside big and hard pods. Farmers have to crack them open using machetes and clubs. The process does not end there. They take the beans out, clean and dry them under the sun, and undergo fermentation. Once they are ground, you can now use them to make your favourite chocolate bar and candies. Too sad for these farmers, there has been a decline in the industry in the past few years. These are only some of the crops that require real labour. All thanks to those diligent and hard-working farmers, we can enjoy various produce right at our own homes. The next time you chow down a handful of cherries, munch on an apple, or take a bite from your favourite chocolate bar, remember to eat it with a thankful heart. Think of the amount of love and work the farmers had to give just to provide consumers with delicious and nutritious food.

Apart from symbolizing what your business is all about, your company logo can also strengthen your brand’s impression on the consumer’s mind. Whether you're creating a new logo or redesigning your existing one, here are some questions you might want to think about: Does the design convey credibility and professionalism? Your logo’s design is more than a fancy artwork you can use to impress people. Think of it as a tool that you need to create a professional image while gaining consumer trust.  One of the easiest ways to convey professionalism in logo design is to choose the right colours. Learn about the connotations of colours, so you can choose the best one for your logo. Does it reflect the identity that you want for your brand? Since your logo is the visual representation of your business, think about the professional identity that you want to create. Do you want to appeal to business professionals, or do you want to convey a more youthful persona? Determine the right identity for your brand and incorporate it into the logo design. Does it create instant recall? A simple logo design can help your brand generate immediate recognition. If you will just take the time to do some research, you’ll find that most recognizable logos are those with minimalist designs. Is it scalable? Keep in mind that you may eventually use your logo for different promotional materials, such as posters and billboards, as well as for various printing techniques, like screen printing solutions for T-shirts and banners. Be sure that the design would look great regardless of the material the logo is printed on. Whatever you do, remember that your logo represents your business. So apart from making it look good in all of your advertising materials, it should also reflect your company’s professional image and credibility.
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Most cases of bad breath or halitosis are due to bacteria build-up in the mouth. This condition may be in the form of accumulated plaque, food debris, or gum disease. Proper oral hygiene, which includes teeth (and tongue) brushing and flossing, is usually enough to solve the problem. Having persistent bad breath is embarrassing. The sad part is, you may not know that you have it, as many finds it awkward or difficult to tell others that they have a foul breath. You may also be unaware of your halitosis, as you are accustomed to your breath or smell. Dentists in Sutton Coldfield note that one good way to determine if you have halitosis is to lick a part of palm (or the inside of your wrist), then wait for it dry. The dentists at Smile Spa suggest that you should smell it. If there is something unpleasant, you have bad breath. Halitosis due to bacteria in the mouth requires improved oral hygiene. Brush your teeth Spend at least two minutes cleaning all parts of your mouth. You can benefit from an electric toothbrush with a rotation-oscillation feature to remove debris and plaque better. It is advisable to brush your teeth before eating or an hour after eating. Immediate brushing contributes to enamel erosion. Remove plaque between teeth Flossing is the common way to remove plaque. You can also use small interdental brushes to move debris and food particles left by brushing. Other products like floss tape can also help you clean between teeth. When you start with flossing, your gums may bleed a little. This condition only lasts for a few days. Limit sugary foods and beverages Sugar fuels bacteria in the mouth, which may cause an unpleasant smell and create acid to attack the teeth. Limit sugary and acidic foods in your diet and brush your teeth one hour after you consume them. Tongue cleaning Your tongue can trap germs and bacteria that contribute to bad breath. Clean your tongue with a tongue scraper or a tongue cleaner. You could also use your toothbrush to do this. These are just a few ways to deal with bad breath. You could also use mouthwash, but some of them contain alcohol that can dry your mouth. It is best to ask your dentist what suits you.
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More and more people who want to improve their smiles are having success with Invisalign in Bath. It is different from braces which use brackets and wires to align teeth. If you’re wondering about invisible aligners, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 1. Why Use Clear Aligners Instead of Braces? Many adults choose invisible aligners to avoid a “metal mouth.” Aligners are more comfortable to wear than braces. They are also easy to remove. So, it’s easier to keep your oral health with clear aligners than braces. 2. How Do Clear Aligners Work? Invisalign slips onto your teeth to move them into the position set by your dentist. The slight changes in the sequence of trays that compose the aligners gradually shifts your teeth. After about one or two weeks, you’ll get a new set of aligners and continue the straightening process. 3. How Comfortable Are Aligners? Clear aligners are made of smooth material. They have no metal brackets or wires that might irritate your gums and cheeks. And since they are removable, you can eat without worrying about food getting stuck in your teeth. 4. How Long Does the Treatment Take? The treatment period with clear aligners depends on the condition of your teeth. Your dentist can estimate the length of treatment. On average, most adults who get Invisalign wear it for approximately 12 months. 5. Am I a Good Candidate for Clear Aligners? If you want to straighten your teeth, your dentist can help you decide on the best solution. Your dentist will check the condition of your jaw or teeth and advise accordingly. Be sure to look for a dentist who has experience with Invisalign. Clear aligners are a major trend for adults who seek orthodontic treatment. These people love the idea of straightening teeth without using metal braces. If you also want to improve your smile, visit your dentist in Bath now and ask about Invisalign.