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Skateboarder in Action Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports worldwide because it is exciting to watch and perform. It involves performing tricks and riding gracefully on a skateboard. The skateboarding sector today is a multi-million dollar industry with over 11 million active participating skateboarders. In fact, skateboarding might be included in the 2020 Olympics.

Let’s take a look at the history and origin of the sport.

Different Types of Skateboards

There are two types of skateboards. A short board is concave in shape and perfect for tricks on the road, ramp, and on the skateboard grinding rails. This type is ideal for short rides. Longboards are perfect for riding and cruising at long distances. These have wheels that allow riders to cruise smoothly even at high speeds. Like any other skate ramp designers and manufacturers, OC Ramps recommends choosing a skateboard and ramp that matches the rider’s skill level and purpose (recreation or profession).

A Short History

It is believed that skateboarding originated in California in the 1950s. This was basically a take-off on surfing; to offer the surfers something to do on the ground when the sea waves are flat. The boards looked like surf boards with wheels, to begin with. People gradually embraced the sport and skateboarding gained popularity as a high-speed sport all over the world.

Organizers and riders started to hold competitions. Cash and sponsorships poured in and the sport remained popular. The boards have become more sophisticated, and were designed for jumping and riding on flat surfaces, ramps, and grinding rails.

Two Types of Skateboarding

Street and vert skateboarding are the two types of skateboarding. Street skateboarding is done on the roads, pavements, and vacant lots for fun. Vert skating, on the other hand, is done on the skate ramp or an inclined surface specially designed for performing tricks. A skate vert is found in a skate park and has rails, ramps, and other obstacles that the skateboarders need to learn to handle.

Skateboarding is a fascinating sport, but you need to have good quality equipment and professional training before you make it a hobby or a profession. It’s also good to learn more about the sport before trying it out.

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